Researchers & Assistants

Thank you to all those conducting and assisting this fieldwork!

In 2015, Dr. Antje Steinfurth and Dr. Richard Sherley are supervising MSc student Jennifer Grigg to conduct the field work on Robben Island. Her assistants will be acknowledged later in the year.
Jenny Grigg conducting seabird rehabilitation at SANCCOB

In 2014, Dr. Antje Steinfurth conducted the foraging research on both Robben Island and Dassen Island
Dr. Antje Steinfurth directing the research

In 2013, Dr. Katta Ludynia with the assistance of Dr. Richard Sherley, and Leanne Tol carried out the GPS-TD logger field work on Robben Island in May and June.
Dr. Katrin Ludynia
Richard Sherley
Dr. Richard Sherley

MSc student, Leanne Tol

In 2011 and 2012, PhD student Kate Robinson led the field work on Robben Island under the direction of supervisors Dr. Antje Steinfurth and Dr. Richard Sherley, Professor Les Underhill and Associate Professor Rob Crawford.

Kate Robinson

Dr. Antje Steinfurth
Dr. Richard Sherley

Professor Les Underhill

Associate Professor Rob Crawford

The dedicated brave souls holding adult penguins for 2012 for Kate to do logger deployments were: 

Barbara Barham 

Leanne Tol

Nola Parsons

Corlia Meyer

Emilee Sparks


Mario Leshoro

Thanks to the assistance of all the 2012 EarthWatch volunteers with nest monitoring and penguin measurements!

Special thanks to Frank and Doug for their help with penguin measurements and logger data collection.

 Also, thanks to Rutger Jaspers for recording during deployments, taking photos of the process and assisting with chick measurements and nest checks. 

Thank you to all those 
who helped make the 2011 field work possible, 
lent a hand or kept hold of a penguin.

First of all, thanks to Dr. Antje Steinfurth for training PhD student Kate Robinson to equip adult penguins with GPS-TD loggers and lead the field work on Robben.
Dr. Antje Steinfurth directing the research

Here are those that held squirming penguins for logger deployments, retrievals or helped with the process, listed in chronological order of assistance. Thanks for your help on Robben Island!

Rachel Moore

Elsa Bussiere

 Craig Harding

Esther Mostert

Hashradah Ramburn

Yolokazi Galada

Dr. Richard Sherley holding a penguin and directing research.
Alice Slade

Marlene van Onselen

Dan Bentley

Eve Englefield

[ photo coming soon :) ]
Moosa Cassim

Shannon Hampton

Mario Leshoro who was in the field with every EarthWatch team once again, incredible!

Many thanks to Leshia Upfold, Bruce Dyer, MCM interns and all the 2011 EarthWatch volunteers, leaders and assistants for their hard work collecting penguin data in the field.

Thanks also goes to Robben Island Museum staff for their support and to SANCCOB staff for their unwaivering diligence in the collection and care of underweight chicks, oiled penguins and injured seabirds that were sent to the mainland.

The Robben Island 2011 African penguin GPS TD logger research is made possible by Oceans and Coasts branch of the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), the MA-RE Institute and  Leiden Conservation Foundation and Animal Demography Unit. We are deeply grateful for their contributions. This research is being supervised by Les Underhill, Rob Crawford, Richard Sherley and Antje Steinfurth. Thanks are also due to Sue Kuyper for her help with logistics.

Thank you! - Siyabonga! - Enkosi kakhulu! - Baie dankie!

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