Wednesday, June 27, 2012

There are more and more small chicks around in the penguin colony. Today the sun came out and we  were able to equip 3 breeding adult penguins with a GPS-TD logger device.  These adults have been switching routinely with their partners as they brood their small chicks which need their parents to keep them warm and fed. Nest checks will be made routinely to see when the penguins with loggers switch with their partners and head to sea to get fish for their chicks.

Holding thumbs for the penguin that got a logger on June 23 to return from the sea to its nest and two chicks. It stayed in the nest for a day and since then its partner has been with the chicks. Hopefully, the penguin with the logger will return tomorrow.

Here is a picture of the penguin we are waiting for, taken before the logger deployment.

Swim home!

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  1. Reading your blog with great interest - now I know a bit more about your research. Sorry you had to miss last Saturday but at least I know why! Hope the penguin got back to its chick eventually. x x Caroline and Coco


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