Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here are the tracks from two breeding adult penguins foraging at sea yesterday, 2 July.  The data was collected from penguins in the field this afternoon with the help of the fifth EarthWatch team of the year. These penguins had GPS-TD loggers attached to their back feathers for one foraging trip. The devices are removed once the penguins return from the sea and are then taken to the research house for the data to be downloaded.  They are like waterproof backpacks that record location, pressure and temperature.  The penguins from which the loggers were retrieved were measured, photographed and weighed. Tomorrow, their nests will be visited to measure their partners and chicks.

Here are the nests of these birds:

Artificial burrows and wooden nest boxes are one of the ways in which people are trying to provide African penguins with more nesting habitat to increase penguin breeding productivity.

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  1. One day I really would love to come and see the penguins on Robbern Island!


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