Saturday, July 28, 2012

Logger retrieved!

The loggerbird seen coming ashore yesterday was at its nest today. The GPS-TD logger could then be retrieved.

Kate took the penguin out of the nest and brought it over to Emilee to hold, where all the processing equipment was already out and ready.

Kate peeled the waterproof tape off the logger.  Then the logger could then be taken off and the remaining strips of tape were quickly and carefully peeled off the penguin's feathers.

Bill measurements were taken indicating that this penguin is the female of the pair. The female African penguins have narrower and shorter bills. The penguin was measured, weighed and then returned to its nest and small chicks.

Back at the research house the data was downloaded from device. It took several attempts with different tester batteries before the data downloaded properly. The GPS-TD collected 2595 GPS fixes as well as 201856 data sets of temperature and pressure. 

Here is where this penguin went foraging on 27 July! What a thrill to get the logger back from this penguin and to see where it had been. 

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