Thursday, September 20, 2012

More oiled penguins found

The totals, of penguins oiled from the Seli 1 shipwreck this month found on Robben Island are now:
212 adult penguins sent to SANCCOB
32 associated chicks
2 oiled adult penguins found dead on the island

This week while penguin field work was conducted searches for oiled penguins and abandoned chicks continued. Currently during nest checks, any chicks that are underweight and could have been abandoned are sent to SANCCOB. The team found and caught 6 more oiled penguins overt the last two days and another underweight chick, taking the totals to those stated above. The oil on the birds caught has looked dry and indicates that the birds have had the oil on them for a while. The team completed penguin nest checks, chick growth and condition measurements.  A few oiled birds sighted along Robben Island's coast have evaded capture.  The team will return next week to continue the penguin breeding monitoring field work and make further attempts to catch the remaining oiled birds.

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