Friday, October 17, 2014

Penguin tracking data gets a numbers crunch

Nature News - African penguins put researchers in a flap! This week a workshop in Cape Town funded by BirdLife South Africa took place in which seabird researchers, statisticians, ecologists, and modellers got together to discuss purse-seine fishing closures around African Penguin colonies. 

We took a dive into the ongoing debate and re-examined the evidence and what is known of this endangered species' life history and behaviour. Statistical models were run using African Penguin tracking data (including the data we have been collecting on Robben) and other indicators of reproductive success, colony health and population dynamics. New ideas were discussed, arguments explored, statistical issues were addressed, code ran, minds and processors whirred. Results are now being written into a report document and our recommendations will be presented at an international panel in early December.

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