Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2nd World Seabird Conference

The second World Seabird Conference is coming to Cape Town!
Some of the African Penguin research conducted at Robben Island will be presented there. There is still time to register! Check out the website to learn more about this exciting conference World Seabird Conference.

The Forage Fish Impacts II session on Wednesday 28th at Room 1.60 will include the following talks focused on the African Penguin:

S10.2     14:10 - 14:20      
Changes in the abundance and distribution of small pelagic fish in the southern Benguela
Carl van der Lingen, Branch: Fisheries Management, DAFF
S10.3     14:20 - 14:30      
Evidence for a benefit of fishing closures around breeding colonies of African Penguins
Antje Steinfurth, University of Cape Town
S10.4     14:30 - 14:40      
Establishing suitable indices for the management of seabirds, fisheries and their prey: the case of African Penguins and purse-seine fisheries in Algoa Bay, South Africa.
Alistair McInnes, University of Cape Town
S10.5     14:40 - 14:50      
"Seas of plenty", a conundrum of sorts for African Penguins
Janet Coetzee, DAFF
S10.6     14:50 - 15:00      
African Penguin foraging behaviour and chick condition linked to local fish abundance
Kate Robinson, University of Cape Town

Then on Friday don't miss:

S23 Ecological/Evolutionary Rescue for Threatened Seabirds          Auditorium II

S23.2     14:15 - 14:30      
What drove the collapse of South Africa's penguin population and can we do anything to address it?
Richard Sherley, University of Exeter

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